RAMAN RAMAMURTHY | Manager, Database Engineering August 3, 2011, Raman was Amar’s client

In my 13 years of home-buying, Amar is the only person I would really consider as a true Realtor®. After going through my experience, I do not have any doubt that he delivers the best results to his clients whether you are buying or selling homes. Amar is very knowledgeable and really enjoys being in the Realty business and brings about the best qualities. A few big thiings that he brings to his clients are:

a) His network for Lending
b) His relationship strategy with agents from the other side.
c) His negotiation skills
d) He takes care of all the needs along the way
e) He explains the whole process and maintains profiles and provides a lot of information and steps.

All in all, you have to experience your home buying with Amar to understand what I mean.