Ram Elango | Manager, Data Engineering at Talend (IT) September 8, 2020, Ram was a client of Amar

I wanted to buy a property in Fremont. Amar explained to me regarding the home buying process and all of our roles and responsibilities. I started to shortlist the homes I liked, and Sri helped set up the in-house visit timing with the seller’s broker. In a couple of weeks, I was able to finalize a home and updated Amar and Sri.
Amar then worked very hard during the contract process by placing me at the right spot, which allowed me to get the home. At this stage, the one crucial point is that even as I was willing to pay more for the house, Amar got me the home at a lesser price, which is incredible. It clearly shows his confidence in the field he is in, which is excellent.
I went with a bank which gave me pre-approval. However, due to the COVID situation, they could not approve my loan. At this point, I thought that I would lose this new home. However, Amar got me extra days from the seller’s end, and at this point, I went with a different bank for the loan.
Amar did not lose hope, and he was under tremendous pressure for all sides. However, irrespective of being under pressure, he tried to handle everyone with compassion and calm nature. A few times, he even pushes people hard to make things happen on time.
Finally, I got my new home only because Amar and I and my family are always grateful for Amar Sri. Whoever is in the market now for home buying, I would strongly recommend Amar and team. He is a one-stop-shop and will go to heaven and earth to make it happen.
The service Amar is doing is incredible, and I wish him all the best and no way why no one can beat him, and he is the top Realtor® in our bay area.