Rahul Srivastava | Scientist, Staff II – Systems Design October 27, 2012, Rahul was Amar’s client

It gives me great pleasure to write about our home buying experience with Amar.

Amar is one of the most hard-working and detail oriented professionals that I have seen. His preparation in listing comparisons and pros and cons of each property was extremely thorough and helpful. This enabled us to make decisions regarding a property in a timely manner with confidence. In addition to hard work, he works very efficiently to close a deal. Amar’s negotiation skills are par excellence and he was able to save us a bunch of money during the property purchase as well as in closing costs. In fact, we have authorised Amar to make an offer at the market value to get our ideal home, Amar was able to close our property deal before the final offer deadline that too 40K below house market value based on the recent sold comparables in that neighbourhood in multiple offers situation. YES. Amar made it possible with his right offer strategy and great interpersonal skills. Amar setup friendly meeting with seller, listing agent, and us to develop relationship/trust and then presented the offer package with right keys and communications.

With Amar, you have total peace of mind as he does his job with total thoroughness and integrity. As first time buyers, we were unsure of a lot of things but Amar was able to guide us through the whole process without any hitches or difficulties. Another quality of Amar is that he is very patient and not pushy like some other Realtors®. He never nudged us into purchasing something that we were not sure about. In fact, when we were willing to lower our standards, Amar dissuaded us from considering houses that were not meeting our criteria.

In addition to Amar’s considerable professional accomplishments, Amar is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. It is a real delight to interact with him on a personal level.

Choosing Amar was our best decision in the house hunting process. In today’s market, when value proposition is everything, Amar is the man to close out deals with great value proposition and quality of the transaction.”