PRIYANKA CHALLA | Software Quality Engineer October 26, 2015, Priyanka was a client of Amar

It is really our pleasure to write a review for Amar,

As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know a lot of the details, and were a bit nervous about buying a property in this market.He helped us making an informed decision.He provided guidance and collaboration throughout the entire home buying process.Amar and Sri had patiently answered all our questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed. He was involved in all areas: appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. The whole process went very smoothly and now we’re the proud owner of a house in 21 days.This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means.

Overall Amar has a very talented team and he makes you feel comfortable in the entire home buying process.Wishing you all the success in going future for you and your team.

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