PRIYA KHISTI | Frontend Engineer at Castlight Health January 20, 2016, Priya was a client of Amar

Today we closed on our home in bay area and I have to say that it would have been impossible without Amar and Sri. We literally put an offer on a house in just two weeks and then closed within a month. People take years to find and buy a house in bay area.

In our case Amar was able to put an offer on the house even before it came on market and that helped us skip the bidding war. He was also able to get the price down by 15K which is unheard of in bay area. All credit goes to his negation skills and offer strategy.

Both Amar and Sri understood our needs and budget in just one meeting. They are on top of everything and we never ever had to send any kind of follow-up emails. He also helped us with mortgage lenders and pre-approval process.

So if anyone want to buy a house in bay area then Amar is the best Realtor® you can ever get!