PRAVEENKUMAR KADABGERE | Senior Engineer at Apple September 21, 2020, PRAVEENKUMAR was a client of Amar

We want others to know the beautiful experience we had buying our home with Amar and his amazing team. They helped us buy our house on our terms. We were shopping around, not very serious when we started but we never felt pressured to buy or bid at a specific price.
We also got good advice on the price point we should bid to get home. The house was a fallout of escrow at $1080000 and the appraisal at $1080000. The same house Amar negotiated for $1040000 when the listing of the house was $1048000. Amar managed to get the property below listing price. However, they had multiple offers and craziness happening in the current real estate market.
Sri, on the other hand, helped us understand the Bay Area market, neighborhoods, things to consider before looking into the property. She is very knowledgeable about all the areas in the bay. Any listing we were interested in, she immediately knew the property along with its pros and cons. She was very accurate with each property that came to the market and knew exactly what we were looking for. She was there in every step, and calmly explained every question we had related to the property.
Amar is a retired engineer. He had everything documented in an excel sheet with things to take care of when buying a property. It had to do what, like the lender’s responsibilities, insurance details, our responsibility, and things Amar and Sri had to do after the offer was accepted. Including selecting the best home insurance and other things.
Buying a new home is a daunting process, and they made us feel comfortable, made the whole process seamless. Amar and Sri are very responsive and prompt. We would highly recommend them as a Realtor®.