PRASHANTHI RAVANAVARAPU | Merging the lines between profits July 31, 2016, Prashanthi was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri were amazing partners in our home buying search. When we first spoke to them, they took the time to understand our priorities. When we expressed interest in a home that wasn’t available they helped us find alternatives. However, when the same home came back into the market, their approach really stood out. They were aggressive in helping us arrive at a decision and getting us the home that would work best for us financially as well as for our life.

Throughout their partnership, they have been supportive with different kinds of questions we had and helped us with several aspects of thinking through how to make the new house a home for our young family.

We have been in the market for 3 years and had lost a few bids but Amar and Sri’s approach has helped us close on the very first offer through them within month of first contact. The results speak for it. They ensured we got the best price and well below listing price.

Lastly, our home closing was complicated due to issues beyond our controls. Amar managed the situation very well and helped us close despite all complications. Overall it was a great experience and would recommend Amar and Sri to any of our friends and family.