Prashant Khabale | Product Manager November 3, 2020, Prashant was a client of Amar

Hello Amar and Sri, I am immensely thankful for all your help and guidance throughout the home buying process. This was our first home, and we were not aware of many things. To begin with, Sri educated us with Dos and Donts in narrowing down on the house. She made us realize all the aspects a home buyer should look at from present and future point of view.
Sri was generous enough to share all past experiences, which made our decision making much easier. Certain cities in the Bay area can be very competitive, resulting in bidding wars. Your working relationship in the real estate market and several years of experience helped us win the offer and eventually get our dream home.
Once the house was finalized, there was immense discipline in executing all the various steps like loan approval, Escrow, etc. These steps could be very overwhelming for a first-time homebuyer. However, your excellent cross-functional teams (Loan, Home insurance, Home warranty, Escrow) made it very easier. Given how time-sensitive each step was, the cross-functional teams worked tirelessly on the closing plan.
They closed the deal in 24 days, even during the pandemic period. Covid-19 has changed things drastically, and home has gained an important place in everyone’s lives as we school and work from home. Getting a dream home in this pandemic seemed like an insurmountable task, but Amar, Sri, and their excellent cross-functional teams have helped us win it. Words cannot express our gratitude towards you.