Prasanjeet Das | Lead Application Engineer at Cadence Design Systems April 19, 2019, Prasanjeet was a client of Amar

” The young guys are all fascinated with the shining stuff, they forget that it is the land that appreciates and not the house” – Amar. I was always for a single-family home to raise a family and the above words of wisdom from Amar re-enforced the value of a single-family home.

Selecting a Realtor® is the foremost important thing in the whole buying experience. It is as critical as the doctor you select for your child birth. Some says the first house is like the first child – exciting and scary at the same time, hence you need a trusted alley to share your worries and joy with. For my first home I started looking into online portals and as well connecting with friends about their experience with Realtors®.

One particular review on Zillow caught my eye where the lady mentioned about how Amar and team helped over the “vacation period” of late December and early January to close a house that they liked. Coming from a technical sales consulting background I knew such a heartfelt customer review can only be from someone who has truly felt a superior experience and I decided to drop a mail to Amar. “Yesterday the chance of you getting the house was 0.01%, today it is 5%.

We will do our work and if this house is in your fate, you will get it” – Sri while discussing the counter-offer. It all started towards Early March and by March end we have our first ever offer accepted on a five Bedroom house in a prime locality with good schools and view of the hills. To be very frank the house that we eventually now own, we never thought that we can even think of bidding on something like that. Just as a dry run to understand the process, we asked Sri (Amar’s wife) for her opinion. From that day both Sri and my wife Swati were equally excited about the house.

Amar did all the heavy lifting, but Sri was the calming yet excited influence that made all the difference. We were looking for a Realtor® but got a Realtor® family instead. Not to mention the super competent team of lender (Sara), insurance (Gail) and so on. The truth and trust in the whole experience is what mattered the most for me. House hunting is curious event, I was even enticed by other Realtors® to switch for extra closing credits. But when you are looking to bid on houses that are even older than yourself, you can’t be penny-wise pound-foolish. You need a wise experienced person and who better than a X high tech executive who now works passionately to make people dreams come true. I am not going to parrot all the qualities – negotiation, execution, collaboration … that one can get in any other review for Amar. Just consider this – “being a PhD myself I revere in reading documents. But since Amar was involved and was providing crisp and concise summaries. I did not read any of the huge reports – inspection, title, appraisal …”

If you want a pleasant no fuss home buying experience, then I can say without any prejudice Amar and team is the way to go…