Prapti Chitoor | Software Engineer at Apple May 23, 2015, Prapti was Amar’s client

This is probably going to be similar to some of the other reviews. However we cannot help saying Amar is really really the best. He has an excellent relationship with the Bank and sellers agents. Because of Amar we got:
— An excellent rate.
— We found our home, in an area we wanted
— We were not even the highest bidder, but Amar and his team’s reputation to get things done on time, and his negotiation skills got us our home.

— We needed the proceeds from our previous home in a different location, to invest into our current home and the funds were on the same day as the closing date. Amar got the bank to approve and fund our loan for the house in Bay Area in a matter of hours.

— He is involved in every aspect and makes it a really smooth process.
In the South Bay Area where there are multiple bids, and over the top cash offers the relationships and reputation of the agent makes a difference in whether you get your home. You cannot go wrong with Amar!