Prakash Ramadass | Product Management at Silver Spring Networks October 7, 2014, Prakash was Amar’s client

It is with great pleasure and honor that we write this recommendation for Amar Amaranth, THE Realtor® and share our unique buying experience with AMAR extraordinary standard of “Excellency in Service” that truly defines “E=MC2” Service. AMAR is ONE STOP Shop for your real estate needs. Period! I’m NOT a first time home buyer and have had worked with many agents in the past. Trust me and you look no further. Bottom line summary for you- AMAR got us a deal on the first day we MET in Person, AMAR saved us over 75K with fire sure negotiation , MANAGED to close the deal BEFORE open House in a most competitive and highly desired Mission San Jose District. Have you worked with Realtor® who stayed up until 1AM for a client needs and work around the clock next day to close the deal?. Sounds unbelievable right? BUT it’s true…

Let me start with this first- AMAR is truly a “GODSEND” for us. We were emotionally drained out in the first 2 weeks of trying to buy a home in challenging market with aggressive buyers. I reached out Amar in desperate personal situation having only 3 weeks left to buy a home. On My first phone call with Amar, I started with do you accept this challenge? 3 weeks only, Mission San Jose neighbourhood only, Fixed budget range. Can you work with me?. He said Yes and I told him “you don’t have to explain who you are and I have done my homework researching on you – saying that I’ve literally spent over 2 hours reading all your client feedbacks. If there is ANYONE that can do this job, it has to be YOU. And He PROVED it that I was right in mere 5 days. From that first phone call and three days later I personally met Amar first time in person and the next following day he managed to close a deal AND saved US over 75K which is something not everyone can do.

It is hard to find someone like AMAR who genuinely care about his client needs and protect your interest in every way possible. Amar recommendations were very best in the field, from insurance to inspection, warranty that saved lot of money in the process. His advice and guidance through this process was invaluable. His attention to detail, knowledge of the market and “Relax… We will guide you THE ENTIRE PROCESS “approach was something unique that we have experienced with.

Amar is simply THE BEST. A true commitment for lifetime is what you get from Amar. No Realtor® will work and provide an excellent service and continue to support your needs in the way that Amar did because sometimes even via email, phone call just the communication itself, we felt that he was working just for us AND thinking that he is doing this for over such a long time speaks volumes about Amar’s commitment towards his clients. We can’t imagine going through this process with anyone but him. I have no doubt in my mind, if you buy or sell property in Bay Area and not using AMAR then you are missing something for sure.