Prakash Ramadass | Entrepreneur| Investor| Strategist | Marketer August 18, 2020, Prakash was a client of Amar

This is my third real estate transaction with Amar and Sri team, but my first selling experience using Amar’s exemplary “E= MC2” service. Amar’s philosophy is about making a smart investment with vast local knowledge of what’s happening in the bay area’s fast-growing neighborhoods. When it comes to real state needs, they are the experts.
Sri and Amar have been advising us every year on “where to buy,” “at what price,” and “when to sell.” They have become part of my extended family, helping us and our friends and family in our real estate needs with outstanding one-stop service in the bay area.
When we purchased this place based on Sri’s recommendation to invest in Milpitas, little we know that every catalyst she mentioned during the home “qualification” process would eventually increase property value so much in less than two years we owed this property. The timing was perfect again based on Amar’s recommendation; we listed the house and sold it less than two weeks above the market asking price.
Simply put, you will not find someone like AMAR and SRI who genuinely cares about his client’s needs and protect your interest in every way possible. Besides saving money in the buying process from insurance to warranty, their advice and guidance on the ENTIRE selling process were invaluable. As an investor, you need a trusted partner, attention to detail, knowledge of the local market that lets you focus on maximizing your ROI.
“Relax, we will guide you THE ENTIRE SELLING PROCESS “approach. It was so unique that you would be amazed at how much care and thoughts they put in to ensure success in every possible way for each client.