PRAKASH GUPTA | Software Engineer, Tools & Infra at Google December 1, 2016, Prakash was a client of Amar

Buying a home in Bay Area is a herculean task given the fact that properties are sold out by the time even you blink your eyes. However our home buying experience with Amar and his team was truly immeasurable.

From day one since the our meeting the service provided was exceptional. He helped us close the deal less than 10K among many potential interests with higher offers with right strategy of meeting personally with Seller’s agent and presenting our offer with fully backed team supporting our credit score and 21 days of closing time.

Amar real estate experience got us seller’s first choice to respond against counter offers and through his exceptional negotiation skills we got refrigerator, dryer-washer, first year home warranty for free costing another 4K 🙂

Being first time home buyers, we had lots of questions about the market, property and the deal we’re getting. This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means as we saved almost 15K and our property was valued 100K more than the listing price, which got us 100K equity immediately.

He was on top of every activity to make sure that our home buying experience was very smooth. It was overall an amazing experience to have worked with Amar and his team who provided guidance throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Amar to my friends and anyone looking to buy a Home.

Prakash & Sheenam.