Pradip Kar | Software Developer at Xilinx Inc September 29, 2013, Pradip was Amar’s client

One fine day, Amar showed us a house in our preferred zip code. The moment we saw the house, we really liked it and desperately wanted it as it was meeting all my specifications and requirements. However, in the next moment, I realized that I am not the only buyer in this market. The house we liked is also liked by many buyers as it is a nice house. All the buyers have to go through the next stressful step which is bidding process.

I want to share how amazing is Amar as a Realtor® who was able to close the deal within a record time and without entering to the bidding war. In our neighborhood, the single family houses usually sold for at least 100K more than the offered price. Therefore, I came up with my offer price which is 66K more than the list price. However, Amar gave us the pleasant surprise just after 3 days by getting the deal for me just 20K above the list price without entering to the bidding process and before offer deadline. Bank appraised 70K over the list price. Amar able to win the deal 50K less than the Bank appraisal value. It’s THE BEST deal in this market. In my opinion, any other Realtor® present my offer price and ask more to get the house but Amar clearly demonstrated in actions clients best interest well above and beyond. As results of his actions, unique approach with listing agent, and proven strategy saved us 46K.

Amar was more interested in well-being of my family rather than making his own profit and benefit. In each and every step, he saved my money as if he is buying the home for himself. Once our offer was accepted, Amar gave us guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS. It’s great experience.

Thank you so much Amar for all your hard work and dedication throughout the process and we are extremely happy with your service. We moved to our dream house and “Thanking You” every day while getting settled in our new house.