PETER HOWARD | CEO at Realtime Robotics, Inc April 15, 2016, Peter was a client of Amar

Our experience with Amar and his wife, and their colleagues and teammates was stellar. From the first contact, Amar was there for us, and even more importantly, significantly improved the deal we got on the home, on the mortgage, on the insurance, and on the ancillary services following closing.

Some people are born with a sense for negotiation, and Amar is one of them. With his close counseling, we were able to get the home we wanted for $50k less than we were willing to pay, and even more below the bank appraisal range. In addition, he negotiated closing terms that saved us and additional $8k or so in closing costs, and even got the seller to pay for major appliance insurance on top of that..

Amar has formed relationships with key contributors to the home buying process. He is willing and able to make recommendations when you ask for them, but is not pushy about the recommendations he makes.

Our experience with his recommendation for mortgage lender was eye-poppingly amazing, saving us weeks in the closing process, and a full 3/8th percent better than any other offer on the 30 year rate, at one of the nation’s largest banking institutions. Plus, they subsidized closing costs!

His recommendation for insurance agent, representing one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, saved us significant cost on the home policy, but also about $800/year on our auto policies. And she has been a pleasure to deal with.

I have had the pleasure to work with truly excellent real estate agents on 15 different purchase and sale experiences, but Amar is the most effective of all, by a significant margin.

Depending upon your cultural background, Amar may come across as a bit “salesy”, but don’t be put off: he is the real deal. Work with him. You will not regret it.