PARIKSHIT NIGAM | GPU DV Engineer at Qualcomm September 8, 2016, Parikshit was a client of Amar

One of my friend referred Amar & Sri to us and I’m so thankful for that. They helped us in getting our new home and we were so fortunate that they were there to guide and help us on every steps.

They helped me in taking the right decisions in each and every step of the home buying process. We got our dream house with Amar’s & Sri’s help. It is great house and our family loves it.

This was all possible because of Amar’s and Sri’s hardwork. We got the best deal by all possible means. We paid less than the seller’s asking price. They saved us almost $15K through price negotiation and recovery from seller towards closing.

They made sure that the property was good and would become an asset to family. They were involved in all the areas right from preapproval, looking at the houses, arranging for disclosures, making an offer, escrow and closing.

Because of their personal contacts with lending agents, we even got the best rate for mortgage. He made sure that for 1st time home buyers the process is simple and hassle free.

Amar’s and Sri’s time management, planning and making the right decision at right time is highly commendable. His knowledge/analysis to find pros and cons for any given house and providing true insight about the house makes them a unique Realtor®.

Their perfect execution made sure that we got the house we wanted at our price. After the offer was accepted he stayed on top of things to make sure that we didn’t have issues till closing. It was their diligence, smart strategy, flawless execution & commitment that got us the house. We thank you for your hard work.

I would highly recommend Sri & Amar for anyone buying/selling home.