Pallavi MannarMannan | Firmware Engineer at Trimble April 5, 2014, Pallavi was Amar’s client

Amar is one of the best Realtors® out there. When we first met Amar, he explained his approach and value. Amar stood by it the entire time. The very next week we saw a place we liked very much and Amar was happy to take it to the next step. The house we put the offer on, received many offers above ours, and also cash offers. Amar negotiated with seller on why we would be the perfect owners for the place, and sold the sellers on our offer.

Amar has a great team who are very helpful as well in every step of the way, making it smooth process. To be honest, because of their efforts this didn’t feel like a first time home purchase at all. It felt so smooth and efficient till the end. The entire process completed within a month. In todays market, it’s not that easy at all to get a Home in such a short time. Amar and his team made it happen for us. The results speaks for itself.