Nizar Mankulangara | Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn March 26, 2019, Nizar was a client of Amar

It was a great pleasure working with Amar, Sri and team. As we all know home buying process is very stressful and in my case it was very smooth thanks to highly professional team of Amar.

Following are some of the key highlights I noted throughout the whole process The best deal – Negotiation by ALL possible means Perfect Execution of the Process Winning Home with right strategy Personally involved in all areas (Escrow process, Loan and Closing) Collaboration in informed decision making Entire process guidance throughout home buying process Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible We really liked you organized home buying process in to several stages Perfect example of your professionalism.

Sri was awesome in going through the neighborhood and the details surrounding the area giving us the all the Pros and Cons.