NITIN GAONKAR | Senior Data Engineer October 29, 2018, Nitin was a client of Amar

We were looking for a good Realtor® for a while on Realtor® sites and that’s where we bummed into Amar on Zillow, I read the reviews which were really impressive, so I decided to shoot an email to Amar, following day I received an email with the meeting invite from Amar.

We met Amar the following day and after the meeting we were really impressed with the amount of information and understanding Amar had about the home buying process and Bay Area home market. Amar had clearly defined steps for us to follow in the home buying process, he has a great team who work day in and day out until you they find a right home for you, His partner Sri has great understanding of South Bay home market and she is really good in communicating and explaining complex home buying processes in a simple way.

Amar and his team really helped us through the entire process of home buying, right through negotiating, placing the offer, loan process, dealing with title companies, home insurance. Overall, we had a great home buying experience with Amar and his team, If you are buying your first home or if you need a great Realtor® I think Amar would be your best bet.I would highly recommend Amar for your Realtor® needs.