When we decided to purchase the home, we had lots of questions related to the purchase. We met Amar at the Palo Alto office. Amar guided us through the steps of the home buying process and gave us everything we needed to get started with the process. He has an excellent team that works tirelessly throughout the home buying process.

As a first time homebuyer, we are always curious about the process and had a lot of questions. This is where Sri Amar comes into the picture. She patiently listened to all our concerns and advised accordingly at each stage of the home buying process. These questions ranged from how zip codes attract a premium, Sri duly answered school districts and bidding process, etc.

Amar and Sri Amar would let the clients do the survey of the property independently. They never forced any opinions on the house and very patient until we are functionally like the house. Once we like, they go through all the disclosures and patiently explain everything in detail. On the offer date, Amar worked with the lender and put forward a competitive offer on the table and got the property that we call our home at a great deal. These were the times when “Shelter-in-place” was announced in CA.

During “Shelter-in-place”, there were delays associated with appraisals and Amar kept the seller agent and others in the loop. We were in the housing market for less than a month and Amar helped us to get the property we would call it our home. We were more than happy about closing the deal. In the whole process, we had some great interactions with Sri Amar, who would provide valuable insights.

We are extremely pleased with our home buying process and our association with Amar & Sri Amar. We would definitely recommend Amar and Sri Amar to our friends and family. Thanks for making this come true so early and we appreciate all the efforts put by this efficient team.