NIDHI RAMAMURTHY | Quick Wins Business Analyst July 27, 2011, Nidhi was Amar’s client

I wanted to take this time to thank Amar for the enormous support and expertise he provided us. Raman and I are not first time home buyers for either a primary or investment home and have dealt with multiple house purchases and Realtors® during the last decade. Normally and understandably this can be a very difficult and often nervous time for a lot of people but our experience was absolutely positive.

Right from the beginning, Amar provided us with a wealth of information about the neighborhood that immediately showed great investment potential. He used his great people/negotiation skills to secure the property for us at below asking price when there were multiple offers on the table. His tie-ups and constant checking with mortgage broker helped us keep the loan processing on track with a closing in 21 days! Even in situations where he did not have a prior working relationship with people (for example, he worked with new people in the Title Company), he was able to use his great negotiation skills to influence the situation in our favor. Also, in the process he forges new relationships that will help his clients further.