Naveen Bachkethi | QA Lead at Intel (Intel Security Group) August 24, 2014, Naveen was Amar’s client

I started my home search around 9 months ago and today after a long struggle and putting around 10 offers finally I own a house.

This journey could have been much smoother and fun if I would have met “Amarnath” at the starting of it. Nine months ago when I started the house search with my first agent (Not Amar), it looked like driving an uphill without any driving experience.

Experience with my first agent was a nightmare, there was a very little information that my first agent would have about the properties that I would like to see, no grip or very little grip on the market, no team, just standalone. I put continuously 9 unsuccessful offers with him but never got any of them and things went beyond the limit when in a house we put 700K and the house was finally sold in 685K but we did not the house and the comments about my old agent from the listing agent was “where did you got this agent”, That point I understood the importance of real estate agent. It’s not the highest bid you put in market, it’s not highest credit score, but it is the strong real estate agent that gets you the deal, and with my experience I can tell that Amar is THE ONE, who can get you anything you like.

My journey started with Amar after getting introduced through one of my friend and he told lot of good things about Amar, but with my experience with my previous agent was not that comfortable, so did not wanted to jump so did a lot of study on looking at Amar’s LinkedIn profile which was having lot of +ve reviews, so decided to go with him, today sitting in my new house, I feel very fortunate that I met Amar. The 1st offer that was put through AMAR was readily accepted and within 2 weeks AMAR closed the deal, it gave me an extreme piece of mind and a respect and a tremendous confidence for the man (AMAR) and his team. I referred one of my friends to AMAR and there also Amar proved that he is the best, there also his first offer was accepted.

Amar has connections, respect in market and a team which will get you the house with best price.

He has a team starting from loan officer to the closing escrow connections which makes your transaction flawless.
I can say a lot about Amar’s capabilities but here is a list which tells how he helped me:

1. The Best deal negotiation by ALL possible means
2. Perfect execution of the process.
3. Winning property in hot market with right strategy.
4. Personally involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing)
5. Co-ordination and engagement with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing
6. Collaboration in informed decision making
7. Entire process guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS.
8. Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

I strongly recommend Amar for any real estate needs.