Narayanan Suryanarayanan | Systems Engineering Manager June 2, 2021, Narayanan was a client of Amar

This dates back to 2015, and the bay area housing market was no different from 2021. It was crazy!! We were driving through a community in Milpitas near the foothills, and we liked it. My wife & I said to each other – the next time a house becomes available here, we should give it a shot! To our luck, a home came into the market the following week. We had read about Amar’s success stories before, and we reached out to Amar. It was one of our best decisions ever!!!

We visited the house over the weekend and just loved it. The house was beautiful, and naturally, several others loved it as well. Offers were scheduled to be reviewed by mid-week, and we had to make up our minds on the price.

While it was a crazy market, we didn’t want to overbid crazily. Amar & the team worked with us closely to come up with the right price. Amar had also figured that it would be a very competitive situation. He worked with one of the established banks to showcase our financial strength and negotiated for a very fast closing.

Amar also suggested we write a personal letter to the sellers describing why we love the house. There were 11 offers in total ( 3 cash), and Amar helped us win the house even though we had to take a loan. There was a ton of negotiation, and Amar knew exactly how to win the home. He mastered this process and knew how to execute it flawlessly.

Once all the process was over, our sellers shared with us that we won the house because 3 reasons: – Very competitive offer + backing from the bank – Very responsive Realtor (Amar). During the offer reviewing process, quick responses were required, and Amar responded in a matter of minutes every time. – Sellers were touched by our letter While our offer was accepted, there was plenty of work in the following weeks. Amar & the team were very methodical and had lined up everything. From the mortgage application to appraisal to Escrow to the final walk-through, they baby fed us the entire process, making it super easy.

Fast forward 6 years, Amar still gives a ring and checks in every once in a while. He shares the latest market updates and the do’s and doesn’t. Amar has not been a realtor but a fantastic real-estate partner to us.