Nagendra Cherukupalli | VP & CTO of MEMC/SunEdison August 1, 2012, Nagendra was Amar’s client

Amar handled the entire rental transaction in a very professional way. Starting with an initial home inspection, he guided us through what needs to be done to make the home even more desirable.

On the marketing front he did a phenomenal job of composing a virtual tour of the property (which was actually going beyond the call of duty for a rental property) and posted it on multiple web sites to grab “eyes” from potential clients. One such client was from out of state; and working with him, Amar closed the deal at a record pace. The property was rented within a week and it involved several phone calls, emails, sharing of relevant documents and performing the needed background checks.

Outcome was an excellent experience all around in terms of saving costs, renting earlier than what the client had planned, and closing the deal quickly.
My wife and I are very happy to endorse Amar Amarnath as an excellent real-estate professional.

Thank you.
Nagendra & Padma