MEGHASHYAM SRIVATSA | Senior Solutions Engineer June 7, 2017, Meghashyam was a client of Amar

Hi Amar and Sri

We have all been through a very busy week. But we are all smiling at the end of it. You may have been through this anxious phase many times before, but you kept the same amount of persistence and energy as you did on the very first day we met you, and you fought hard for us in getting this house. That truly shows that you do care about your clients and you do this for the happiness it brings to your clients. For me and Archana, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to go through something like this and we are glad that we have you on our team.

Amar and Sri, you have been very humble and honest with us from the start. You encouraged us when we were making the right decisions along the way, and at the same time you did not force us into any particular house. These are very good qualities in a Realtor®. You treated each offer we put as though it was your own home and put your 100% effort into it. I have seen friends who went through 10-15 offers before getting a house, but with you we got our dream house in just 3. Even though we lost 2 houses before this, we always had a confident feeling going into each of those offers since convincing a seller into accepting an offer is a skill that you excel at, and none of the other buyer agents can even come close to it.

Your advice, experience and insights into the real estate and how to create a “winning offer” is an art, and we regard it highly. I know we have a long way to go in this transaction, but we have got a great start.

Some comments and advice from us to other buyers in the market, and why we recommend Amar 100%:

We started looking for houses sometime in January 2017 with our previous Realtor®. We had put offers on 2 houses and had lost both of them. Although our previous Realtor® was good, you need somebody who can win you the battle when it matters most. Good houses (houses that matches ALL your criteria) rarely comes to market, but when it does, you CANNOT afford to lose it. Because good houses in neighborhoods like Milpitas and Berryessa get atleast 20 offers! With the interest rate rise just around the corner and the inventory being at all-time low, we did not want our house hunt to take its own due course. Instead, we wanted to shift gears and go with someone who is proven to have won against all-cash-offers! There are not may Realtors® who can win against all-cash offers or offers with 40-50% downpayment! But Amar is one of those.

So on April 1st 2017, I communicated with Amar over email since he came highly recommended by our lender. I still remember my first phone call with Amar. We were out on a hike with friends, so I told Amar that I want to reschedule the meeting since we’d be dirty and sweaty from the hike. He said “dont worry about it, this is Bay Area and you are supposed to be hiking” and invited me to his Palo Alto office on a Sunday. We met with him on the same hike-day and had a long and thorough conversation about what we were looking for, what kind of..