Manisha Prabhu | HUMAN RESOURCE RECRUITER JUNE 29, 2020, MANISHA was a client of Amar

Our home buying experience was excellent with Amar, Sri, and their team. From the time of our first appointment, Amar explained to us the whole home buying process and we knew who the stakeholder is at every point. After finding a home that we liked, Amar and Sri helped us navigate the whole process right from visiting the house in a safe and timely manner to closing home.

We trusted Amar’s team while moving forward with the loan process, warranty & insurance and all the steps involved. Each person Exceeded our expectations in helping us through the process. It was a one-stop solution all Real Estate needs. We were able to buy our first home within a time of 4 months, and we thank Amar and Sri and his entire team for the fantastic help !!!!