Mahesh Machineni | Tech Leader at Cisco April 19, 2013, Mahesh was Amar’s client

In my opinion, Amar is the best real estate agent in Bay Area. When we started looking to buy a home, Amar was very instrumental in deciding the area. He has good knowledge of the good residential areas around Bay Area. He is very friendly, understands our needs carefully. We are very particular about the direction and vasthu of the home. Amar was always available to see every house and provide his honest opinion about each home. Because of his vast experience and deep interest in real estate, Amar is able to provide the best feedback; he is very patient and gives great attention to buyer’s needs. Amar treats it as buying his own home. Amar documents each home we considered; which greatly helped us in making final decision.

When we finally decided to make an offer, Amar presented the offer in a very unique and most effective way (Amar’s patented style of presenting an offer) to win the offer in multiple offer situation (over 20 offers). He not only won the offer even though it was not the highest offer, also saved us very good amount of money in the whole process.

Most importantly, there was more competing offer to seller from listing agent’s office. With Amar’s unique approach and proven strategy, we were able to win our offer in virtually impossible situation. I have personally experienced Amar’s spellbinding offer presentation and creativity with sellers and listing agent. In today’s’ market, Amar makes a BIG difference in winning deals with clients interest in heart.

Amar followed up with the seller agent very proactively in a professional way. He has best network of Loan Agents and Escrow Agents, hence we were able to close the escrow in record time. The loan Agent Yogesh has always been available, very responsive and got me the best possible rate due to Amar’s relationship and closed the loan in a very short period of time. Amar also has the best network of home improvement contractors, plumbers, pet control contractors. Amar communicates each Key Mile Stones (KMS) in home buying process steps in detail. The entire home buying process from acceptance of the offer to closing of escrow is very pleasant and smooth and exceeded all my expectations.

Thank you very much Amar. I highly recommend Amar as a Real Estate agent for right guidance (extremely critical), peace of mind transaction (very important), and value proposition (tangible results).