MADHAVI KATUKOGULA | Teradata Consultant at WellsFargo October 10, 2016, Madhavi was a client of Amar

1. Amar helped us in achieving THE BEST DEAL by Negotiating ALL possible means as a result we got the house for 30K less than the seller wanted price and 10K less than what we planned to place an offer for.

2. Amar is very well aware of the entire process of home buying and hence he was able to execute the entire process perfectly without any hurdle.

3. Amar’s business acumen and RIGHT STRATEGY helped us win the home.

4. Amar PERSONALLY got involved in ALL areas (Escrow process, Loan, and closing)

5. Amar helped us in evaluating, plan and prioritize certain fixes required for the property before we move into the property.

6. He is DILIGENT and have taken care in Co-ordinating with Escrow to ensure closing in-time.

7. As a novice home buyer I took Amar’s help in COLLABORATING with others in making some key decisions.

8. As a first time buyer we are very uncertain in many of the things but Amar has always been there to give use Guidance and in the Entire PROCESS and helped us throughout the Home BUYING PROCESS

9. Amar stood on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.