LOKESH BALCHA | Software Development Engineer at Yahoo August 22, 2016, Lokesh was a client of Amar

First and the foremost, I would like thank Amar from the bottom of my heart for helping us with our Home buying experience. My wife and I moved to the Bay area in California a few years ago. Since then, we have been renting apartments at different places. Quite recently, we realised it would be nice to have a spacious home of our own, that way we can start creating memories. We started to explore for the perfect Realtor® who will suit our requirements. Through my wife’s family, we got introduced to Amar.

The first time we met Amar, He outlined the House buying process and understood our requirements well. Amar make our dream come true in less than a week. The very next day following the day we met him, we started receiving emails from Sri (Amar’s wife) and Amar regarding the listings in the neighbourhood we had requested for. My wife and I short listed and with the help of Sri, we checked the first home of our interest. Meanwhile, Amar and Sri suggested we get the pre-approval for our loan from the Bank. We did accordingly. With the pre-approval we were all set to look for our perfect home. As this was our very first home visit, we had yen number of questions. Sri and Amar patiently answered all our queries and cleared our doubts.

Amar and Sri gave us lot of valuable suggestions and advised us to proceed with this property and put an offer on the house. Further, Amar also suggested we place an offer for 10k lesser than the listed price. We did accordingly and that was the night of Thursday. Kudos to Amar and Sri’s excellent negotiation skills! They were able to impeccably sense the pulse of the seller and we got our offer accepted on the morning of Saturday with no counter offer. It was a joyous moment for all of us and we couldn’t thank Amar enough. We proceeded with the inspection on the house and it took about a couple of days for that to get done.

Amar promptly sent us the inspection reports and set up a conference call with us to explain us each line mentioned in the report with great detail. I don’t know if other Realtors® take so much trouble and go to this extent of sitting down with you and baby you with so much care. Once we discussed the report and the expenses that followed, we came to understand that there were some immediate expenses that needed to be taken care of it. My wife and I were in dilemma if we had enough funds to bear the immediate expenses on the house. He calmly listened to our concerns and believe it or not, the next day we heard the news from Sri that Amar had negotiated with the seller and made them agree to pay for the initial expenses on the house. My wife and I were speechless on hearing this news.

Amar never ceases to amaze us! We thanked him profusely for his absolutely selfless and dedicated effort. We are the proud home owners. Thanks to Amar and his team for walking us through our home buying experience in California and making our dreams come true.