Lalitha Krishnan | Tech Lead at Cisco Systems July 1, 2013, Lalitha was Amar’s client

Amar is an excellent “ALL IN ALL” real estate agent who is just “AWESOME”. He has an amazing team of people working in collaboration be it the best loan agent/insurance agent, and many others. He guided us through the whole process right from pre-approval and was very involved all the way to the closing. He made our home buying experience a breeze.

Amar is absolutely passionate about his work and made every sincere effort to get us the best deal possible. He treats each deal as his own and gives it the best shot. A lot of hard work goes in the background which we sometimes are not even aware.

Amar makes amazing presentation to the seller covering all aspects. I attended one and I was very impressed. If I am the seller, I would definitely give the buyer a chance just for presentation. The deal just does not stop with the bid. Even for fixing the rate and the closing cost he got us a huge discount which we never even anticipated. At a personal level also he is a very nice person, very patient, very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable in many areas.

Amar went above and beyond our expectation. We earned a good friend in Amar. So if you are a buyer or a seller Amar is your go-to person..