Lalith Kancharla | QA Manager at LinkedIn January 29, 2012, Lalith was Amar’s client

I never felt Amar is an outside person trying to offer you something. My first time home buying experience cannot be more pleasure than this…..

Amar trained me in all the tools required to take informed decisions right from day 1. He took time to drop by my office during lunch on very 1st week I talked to him. He spent time to understand what I am looking for and gave valuable suggestions on how to begin the hunt.Every listing that I send, Amar has responded what are the pros, cons and suggested actions.

In just 2 months we found the right property, Amar flung into action. Seller had multiple competitive offers on the table. With Amar’s sure-fire Negotiation skills bid 3% less than other offers and still managed to win the deal with his creativity. Winning such a deal is incredible and astonishing in multiple offers situation. Above all, Amar got the deal way below what I authorised him to make an offer price. This itself saved me 30K.Most of the Realtors® simply don’t care saving buyers such a huge money when buyer himself authorizes to make offer price. Amar handles the whole transaction as his own transaction and always keeping client interest in heart.

Amar efforts doesn’t stop there…. I was out of town while closing the deal. Amar by himself took care of home inspection, termite inspection, mortgage consultant, escrow, repairing, etc at the best possible deal. In this process, Amar actions not only saved me over 5K but also time and efforts. After closing the deal, Amar followed up to make sure everything was looking good and offered help to resolve any problems with the property.

Amar’s constant and proactive efforts and guidance throughout the process is amazing experience and joyful journey.

In short, Amar is a reflection of you who guides to take informed decisions. It was a pleasure experience Amar. I would recommend Amar to anyone who is looking for a dream Home.

January 29, 2012, Lalith was Amar’s client