LAKSHMANA CHARI VAITIYAM GUNASEKARAN | Sr.Integration Engineer July 11, 2017, Lakshmana Chari was a client of Amar

Our HOME Buying experience was excellent and stress free with Amar, Sri and Team. It is not easy in the current market to get a single family home in Bay Area. I was very skeptical and almost lost hope, and early 2017 I put myself out of market. There came along my new to be home in market, both me and my wife liked the layout and we called Amar and Sri to proceed on it.

Amar and team wrote an excellent offer though quoted less than competition, the offer terms were lucrative. All credit goes to “Amar”.
Amar has strong negotiation skills and persuaded listing agent to accept our offer less than the competition offers. On decision day, Amar called me and congratulated me, “Our offer got accepted”.
Amar has excellent field connections, he introduced me to a lender who offered a competitive rate for 10% down, and the entire process was seamless. Being a new home Buyer, I was little panicking but Amar and team total made it seamless by doing all the heavy weight lifting for me. I was kept appraised on all the process. Amar is very efficient, and he stays top of the core process, and really makes the right move at right time.

I strongly recommend Amar and Team, if you are looking to Buy or Sell HOME.