Kunal Sahu | Engineering Manager, Google August 11, 2020, Kunal was a client of Amar

Amar & Sri are a great team. They are the best Realtor® if you are serious at the housing market in the competitive bay area. We have worked with them multiple times now, and every single time they beat their performance!

Sri is very knowledgeable about the housing neighborhood and always comes up with excellent locations. She has spent several years in the prime market and has a great knack at suggesting areas.

Amar is very professional and through with the whole home buying and selling process. He takes the stress and anxiety in this process, especially in such a hot bay area market. His negotiations are unbelievable. He has always got us the deal, and that too at a price favorable to us.

Amar & Sri are family to us, and we would keep going to them for any advice and help with our home needs. We strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to find their home and make their dreams come true.