Kshitija Pansare | Software Engineer at Google May 17, 2021, Kshitija was a client of Amar


Home buying in today’s market is a tremendous challenge – wherein you have to cross multiple obstacles like choosing the right home, location, competing in the markets, putting the offer, and more. Yet, once you win the offer, there is a long series of tasks leading up to you becoming homeowners. So it’s a super-sonic journey with many parameters to fall in place for you to be a homeowner.

This is where Amar, Sri, and his entire team come in as saviors. Amar and his team were recommended to us by our relatives. We had a very peaceful experience in crossing all these obstacles. Amar and his team are very professional and work in a very time-bound manner. They make sure that all the owners of each task execute their tasks on time as timing is very important in this home buying journey.

Amar and Sri have been in this industry for several years. They are very sure of what they need to do and ensure that we as clients have a successful, peaceful, and excellent home buying experience. I would highly recommend Amar and his team to any home buyer’s going forward!