KHYATI KAPOOR, PH.D | Scientist II-Protein Chemistry December 8, 2015, Khyati was a client of Amar

Thanks a lot Amar and Sri for getting us our first home and that too in the Bay Area! We had been in the market for sometime and had worked with quite a few real estate agents but to no avail since we had a limited budget. It was getting frustrating when we were introduced to Amar and his team by a friend. We had given up hope that we would never be able to own a home in such cut-throat market. From the day we were introduced to Amar and his team, it just took us 10 days to get our offer accepted. It was totally unbelievable! It was our first bid in the competitive Mountain View area.

Amar and Sri aggressively negotiated it and left no stone unturned to win us this offer and within our affordability. When Sri called us to inform us that we had won the bid, we had to pinch ourselves to actually believe it. All this was possible only because it was Amar who was representing us. We are pretty sure that no other real estate agent could have won us a deal within our constraints. The tremendous effort and confidence with which Amar and Sri drafted out an offer for us and were on top of it all throughout the process from getting it accepted and further until we got the keys, is commendable. Both of them were personally involved in the entire process and that puts Amar and his team in a different league from other real-estate agents.

Amar’s excellent understanding of the real estate market and his reputation in this industry, all point to the fact that he is an experienced and a thorough professional. We would whole-heartedly recommend Amar and his team as one-stop-shop for anyone’s real-estate needs.