KARTHIK KRISHNAMOORTHY | Staff Hardware Engineer January 20, 2017, Karthik was a client of Amar

5 years ago I felt buying a house in bay area would be a hard reality for me given the rise in house prices and if we need to buy an affordable house I would need to go all the way of bay area. I was still contemplating buying a house, then one of colleagues asked me to meet Amar and check with him. Me and my wife met Amar at his office and told we were looking for and boom 2 month later I was an owner of a single family home in rising Milpitas area.

Even though this sounds like a fairy tale, I should say it was the hard work and drive of Amar and his team to help pull it through.
Amar and Sri send me list of places for open house to visit and when we liked one the home,we let him know about it. I thought we were already late to put an offer as I didn’t have a pre approval. Amar pulled his strings and introduced me to Stacy for mortgage and within 24 hours and I had a preapproval and the offer was submitted.

I was told the house had around 7 offers most of them more than what I offered to pay. Amar and his team helped to negotiate and got the deal done and now within 2 days my offer was approved. I couldn’t believe they pull it off. Anyway after this is the next set of steps to start the financing for the house. In this process, I wanted to check with other lender for better rate and the bank promised that could provide a better rate than what Stacy provided. I conveyed my decision to Stacy regarding this and went ahead with other lender.

But this is where the real game started, the other lender wanted documents after documents and after a week said they wouldn’t be able to really my case through with their underwriter and they were still trying their best. I talked to Stacy and Amar after that and they understood the situation and pulled this out for me. To be honest throughout the whole process I was not still committal to Stacy whether I would go with her and it was Amar and his team who convinced Stacy to continue with my financial process and glad they did.

Iam not sure if any lender would be ready to do so much work when you are uncommitted and I am glad Stacy really decided help me. I think the reason she was ready to pursue the case was because the trust she had in Amar. Thanks again Amar for this…
They handled all the paper work, went through the house inspection report and answered any questions I asked. I know sometimes I irritated Amar by asking him multiple questions as novice buyer.

I should say this—if you are looking for energetic, aggressive and honest person to help you with your house search I would say talk to Amar…He would understand your needs and get you the right house. I am glad I reached to Amar and thank him and his team on behalf of my wife and myself to buy our first house as a couple.

Thank you Amar…Wish you more success.