KARTHEEK PASAM | Cisco Systems December 30, 2018, Kartheek was a client of Amar

Amar and his team recently helped me buy my first home. We are very satisfied with the whole experience and I strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking to buy a home. Here are some major milestones where his team’s experience and expertise made all the difference.

1. First meeting with Amar: Amar understood my requirements, walked me through his process and introduced his team. All I had to do was to visit open houses. I knew that I can leave other considerations about the neighborhood specifics and disclosures/inspection reports to the experts in his team. This clarity accelerated my home search process.

2. Open Houses review phone calls: His partner Sri listened patiently to my opinions, preferences and shared her detailed feedback about every home on my list. Her inputs helped me to narrow down and rank my preferences. Sri was very proactive in making things happen when we just had hours left before the offer deadline for a particular home that we were interested in.

3. Offer Process: Amar provided a clear and crisp summary of all disclosures and Sri had an elaborate call with me to help me decide on my offer price, terms and conditions. It would have been impossible for me to make a decision in such a short span if not for their expert guidance. They both did a fantastic job by walking me through all steps until the offer was accepted.

4. Execution: I had to travel out of the country during the closing window and I was concerned about being away during the execution process, But Amar, Nicole and rest of the team were on top of the game and provided timely updates to help me gauge on how we were moving forward. The whole team worked like a well-oiled machine in bringing this to closure.

Once again, we are really thankful to Amar and team for making this possible with their professional execution. We would rate his team a perfect 10.