JAGADISH GUTTIKONDA | IT Solutions Management May 15, 2018, Jagadish was a client of Amar

Hi Amar/Sri,
Following is my feedback on the home buying experience we had with you and your team.
We started off on the home buying journey with you almost 1 1/2 years back. We had gone
through 4-5 properties related offer presentations where couple of them we did not get
selected and couple of them we got them and rejected them on contingency basis. During
all this time you had been available whenever we called you and asked about any of the
Finally beginning of this month(May 1 st 2018) we closed with a successful one.
During this long home buying journey we had with you, we observed the following:

1. You are very diligent in your home analysis with respect to the ROI, Costs, growth
potential, suitability to our needs etc. Really appreciate your insight and knowledge
about all things related to home buying.
2. You are very knowledgeable about the scenarios which would fit my family’s
personal needs.
E.g. In one scenario we had a home that was well below and within our budget (price
wise). You had analysed the growth prospects for my family and gave your feedback
on what are the pros and cons of choosing that property, which allowed us to make
our decision in an informed way.
3. You had given us great advice on which conditions we should be wary of and which
we should be able to mitigate and which we should be able to address.
4. You had good external and internal team setup which basically allowed us to close
the property on time.
5. You had been on top of things that were necessary for closing the property.
6. You had given us your external business contacts for working with different aspects
of owning a home and managing it.
Overall it has been a great home buying experience. It was (and is) great feeling, working
with you and your extended team ( especially Stacey Huang).