JAGADEESH VAKA | SAP BI Lead at Hewlett-Packard July 17, 2016, Jagadeesh was a client of Amar

Hi Sri & Amar,

I want to thank you for being my Realtor® and made my first time home buying process as smooth as possible. It was really pleasure working with you, Sri and your amazing team.

In this competitive bidding war, I still can’t believe that getting offer accepted for the first home we worked together, that too around the list price. It was an amazing and incredible speed and ease with which we were taken through the process. I still remember that it just took 12 hours from the time Sri showed us the house till we write an offer which includes getting pre-qualification letter.

I strongly believe that your aggressive negotiation skills, thorough knowledge and strategy in writing attractive offer helped us to get the house we want. I’m glad and thanks to my friend Krishna V who referred you.

Once again thank you for being one stop shop for us and providing your valuable suggestions and guidance throughout the process. I remember one of your email and phone call you mentioned “Relax… We will guide you THE ENTIRE PROCESS “. At the end I truly feel that we have experienced this and you did what you have mentioned.