IPSITA KAR October 15, 2016, Ipsita was a client of Amar

My Home Buying Experience in 2016:

The Home Buying experience with Amar is really pleasant for us. This is the second time, we requested Amar to be our Realtor® for finding investment Home for us within our budget.

As per Amar’s valuable suggestion, we found one HOME really interesting. However, when we started putting an offer, there were already 4 offers for that Home as it was a hot Home in that area. The highest offer was almost 20K more than our offer. Amar tried his best to negotiate the deal for us. He just spent almost 2 days of his valuable time just regarding our offer to be accepted. He personally involved with our lender in collaborating the whole process. Finally, we are shocked in a pleasant way to hear that our offer was accepted.

Thank you so much Amar and your team for helping us to get our dream HOME. This smooth execution is not possible without your support.

My Home Buying Experience in 2013:

After my Home buying experience with Amar last month, I just can say, Amar is THE BEST Realtor® in the Bay area. Amar, as a Realtor® always go above and beyond to provide the exceptional service and great value for his clients . In this current market, it is really tough to deal with the seller’s agent as they are getting multiple offers. However, we are able to find our dream home last month because of Amar’s hard work and amazing execution. I would like to share my home buying experience with Amar. Amar provided us the best service anyone ever expect from a Realtor®.

Amar showed us a really nice Home in our preferred zip code.
Once we all on-board and offered our comfortable amount for that house, he immediately started working on it.
Amar almost gave all his valuable time in negotiating the deal with the seller’s agent. In that process, he established a good rapport with the seller agent and understood the seller motivations and situations for selling home.
Amar put together offer package and worked closely with listing agent to WIN the deal before offer deadline without competition and price bidding war. As results, we got very good deal. He is extremely good at analysing the situation, winning the deal with right strategy, and perfect execution.
Amar personally involved in all the areas of our home buying process(Appraisal, Loan, Inspections, Escrow, Insurance, and closing). He has great team of people to make home buying process absolutely stress free.
Amar co-ordinated with the WF lender who did our pre-approval and loan closing providing us a really good interest rate.On the top of everything, Amar helped us to recover $9,857 towards closing.

The entire home buying process starting from the beginning to end went so smooth with peace of mind because of Amar’s hard work, dedication and capability. We are 2nd time Home buyers and lot of real estate knowledge, Amar and team makes a BIG diffidence in journey of Home buying process. Thank you so much Amar for all your contributions in our Home buying process.