Hansini Venkatesh | Lead Internal Auditor at Silicon Valley Bank January 11, 2021, Hansini was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri are rockstars! This is the TEAM to go to if you aspire to have the best home. Where do I start? Well, let me start from the beginning. This is our second home. We did buy our first home with Amar’s guidance. So we are aware of the home buying process, which can be stressful. Amar did go through the process before starting, and I understood a digital transformation and framework that I did not see during my first home purchase.
This impressed me since being the best REALTOR® in the country. Amar continually works on improving the process to make it seamless for his clients. We were not in a rush as we have a home to live in and wanted to find the right next home. This is where my favorite support pillar comes in – Sri. She is just amazing. I can vouch that she is here for your best interest, and she doesn’t care if she loses a deal.
Sri always advises on the house based on your family needs – First-time buyer? Do you have kids? Are you looking for an investment or something you want to call home? Do you need a backyard? Will the house appreciate it? She will give her best opinion and looks out for you as if you are her family. That is what stands out.
I was surprised when Amar asked about our opinion on a property. Sri replied before saying it is not the ideal property and continuing looking. That moved me. You can pick up your phone and chat with her as you would with your family. All you get is honesty. Now we found our ideal home, and then comes the master negotiator – Amar. He won us the deal when people were willing to pay way more.
This sometimes looks unreal but trust me – THIS IS TRUE. He presents your value in both financial and emotional terms – That is what closes deals. You either pay a lot more and buy or pay just the right and complement other intangibles that Amar brings and win. You decide! Now, after we won the deal, Amar, as always, signs up for fast closure. We wanted to close this in 25 days, given Christmas, New year holidays and the ongoing pandemic.
Nothing Stops AMAR and his team. He has the best team to get everything in place. We did have few challenges in closing on time – I won’t go into details – but Amar assured me not to worry. He said that this is his family’s deal and he would close it on time. And guess what, he did. I told him I would want to close it on 01/8 as it is an auspicious day. He made sure that we had the notary come in on the day for our signature, and he recorded it the same day and gave us the key. This is unprecedented given the pandemic.
I want to reiterate that I will always BUY or SELL only with Amar, and I recommend you all to do the same. I always say that Amar is a sponge – He absorbs all the pressure and makes sure you enjoy the home buying process. I enjoy working with this GREAT team!