GOPIKRISHNA SARIPURI | Senior Software Engineer at ePlus inc. January 3, 2019, GopiKrishna was a client of Amar

This recommendation is about our experience working with Amar on purchasing a property. We’ve been to few open-houses and everyone starts asking If we are working with an agent.

When I said no, they try to offer the service. But we were not sure whom to trust. We did our research about the local Realtors® and reached out to a few of them. Few of them reached out to us and offered their services. But we were not satisfied with their responses. My wife was researching and she sent a message to Amar.

We immediately received calls from Amar. He basically enquired about us and has set up an appointment to meet on the coming weekend. We met Amar on the following weekend. He listened to us very patiently and started explaining about the entire process. We were really impressed with the details shared with us. We’ve shared the property details that we liked.

He shared the plan of execution that is very detailed. This includes all the different stages and responsible parties in each state. He was very quick in reaching out to the listing agent and reviewed all the disclosures. Also shared the summary of the details with us. Then he explained to us the strategy to win the offer. He prepared the very competitive offer. Amar came up with perfect execution and involved loan officer also to provide confidence to the seller/agent.

Once the owner accepted the offer, he personally involved in the escrow process, closing loan, title company. Every day he started sharing the status updates via email/phone calls. Without his extraordinary efforts, we wouldn’t have been able to close the deal in two weeks. We’ve never imagined we’d be able to close the deal in this very short duration.

Thank you, Amar, for the outstanding efforts. I’d definitely recommend him for my friends and colleagues.