GIRISH PANDIT | Senior Software Engineer September 14, 2016, Girish was a client of Amar

Amar and team were extremely helpful in our home buying process. As a first time buyer, we were
stranded in our search for our dream home for quite some time. But Amar and Sri guided us right from
the initial consultation to the final closing.

We contacted Amar & team; they were very helpful in explaining the process and also explain about the market conditions. We were going through some family health issues at the same time, so Amar convinced us to focus our time
on family while he took care of dealing with all the paperwork.

I’m pretty sure without Amar’s and his team proper guidance, I wouldn’t have struck such a great deal on the house.
What I’ll definitely endorse Amar for his awesome negotiation skills, his tactics before we made an offer on the house and
definitely the zeal he showed to get the house well under listing price at a great bargain. Amar’s capability executing the entire home buying process is awesome. Its still hard to believe we have the keys to the house.

Amar and Sri you are indeed really good at what you do as many of your client testimonials say but now I can too attest to it. We strongly recommend Amar and Sri to anyone who are in need of Real Estate help.