Gaurav Yadav | Engineering @ Snowflake May 22, 2019, Gaurav was a client of Amar

When me and my wife started to consider buying a new home, Amar’s name came up as a highly recommended agent through multiple friends. In our first meeting, Amar went through all the steps of home-buying process and explained different parameters which we need to look at when analyzing any home.

Whenever we were interested in any house, Amar’s wife Sri was extremely thorough in finding out all the pros and cons of that house in a quick time. If not for Sri, we may have ended up bidding for a house which was attractive from outside but had certain health hazard issues. When we decided to bid on the house that we are currently living in, Amar made sure to get the house within our price limit and did not ask us to raise the price during the bidding process.

Also, the entire process from bidding to escrow and closing was completely smooth and there were no delays at any point from Amar’s side. He always tried to keep all the parties involved on their toes and prevented us from any stress. Overall, I would recommend everyone to consider Amar for an honest and smooth home-home-buying experience.