Dinesh Tadepalli | SoC Design Manager & Investor April 8, 2019, Dinesh was a client of Amar

Here’s our scenario. We decided to sell our home expecting a home sale downturn in the near future and as we were planning to go back to India.

We first spoke to a Redfin selling agent, who hurried us to place it on market asap without suggesting any modifications/house updates. We were skeptical and checked with another local agent (who is well known in our community). She/He did not sound very confident and hinted that there’s a possibility that we have to rent it out due to market being slow since the start of 2019.

Fortunately, we remembered Amar from one of the Linked In posts and tried to give him a try as he has got multiple 5 star reviews from other home owners. He visited us and explained all the details about home selling and was patient in answering to all our concerns and questions. Even though we are a 2 bed 2 bath town home in a community that dominated with more than 3 beds, he took it up as a challenge and we never had to look back. When we decided to go with Amar, there are about 5 town homes (4 of which are 3 beds or larger) and without much traffic to them.

As per Amar’s suggestions and our intuition we upgraded the home with the needed and made sure it’s comparable to a new home that are being sold nearby. Amar then discussed and convinced us on the price that made sense to any buyer who is searching for a home. With his extensive marketing skills, our town house was able to become a Hot Home on Redfin in just 3 days and many people visited in the first open house weekend. We got our first offer the mid of the week after and with his amazing negotiation skills he was able to get the home sold it for more than the listed price, where nearby homes are struggling to get offers for the listed price in a record time of 10 days.

His steadfast execution didn’t stop there – he was able to close the escrow in the next 15 days and by the end of 28 days the home got closed without any issues and in a breeze. Even before handing over the keys, he noticed that the staging company made some dirt due to rains in the entrance and he himself cleaned it without complaints.

I believe Amar will be a valuable agent to anyone looking to sell the home or buy a home in this every changing market in Bay Area. We sincerely thank Amar for achieve this home sale in record time and making it a breeze for us.