DHANANJAY PRABHUKELUSKAR | Senior Network Engineer December 18, 2018, Dhananjay was a client of Amar

When me and my wife decided to buy a home in one of the most aggressive and expensive markets in all of California, Amar was a godsend. Me and my wife decided to go with Amar after reading reviews online and met him at his office in Palo Alto where he explained to us the details of the home buying and ownership process.

The same day we were introduced through email to Amar’s wife Sri Amar who would be the first to approve of the house after considering various functional aspects like location, neighborhood, layout, natural light, configuration, desirability, functionality and usability before we decided collectively as a team to go ahead with making an offer. Both Amar and Sri Amar were on top of everything, from forward visionary thinking to listening and communicating. They knew the property worth that we were interested in purchasing and they made sure that everything in their power was done to make the buying process successful.

Amar was tactfully aggressive with being one of the first offers when we finally settled on the home that we ultimately bought, and was able to connect with the selling agent and negotiate the finer details, price, and manage the process. Throughout the process, he and his wife kept us in the loop and made sure that we knew every step as it happened. We are more than happy with the price we paid, and are already seeing similar properties in our neighborhood selling for more; a sure sign that Amar helped to negotiate a very aggressive deal on a very aggressive timeline.The process of buying a home in this highly competitive real estate market was very daunting to us, but it made a huge difference to have someone who was so decisive, perceptive and competent on our side.

I firmly believe that we wouldn’t have been possible without Amar’s aggressive and tactful handling of the offer dynamics. We feel relieved that the house we loved at first sight is finally truly ours.