Devaraj Kavali | Principal Member Of Technical Staff May 30, 2021, Devaraj was a client of Amar


I want to thank Amar and Sri for their efforts in helping us get the perfect home in a pleasant and right neighborhood with great schools. I want to share my wonderful experience working with Amar, Sri, and Amar’s team. We are first-time buyers. Amar helped us to win the first offer with the best deal. It was pleasant talking to Amar when we met the first time. He explained the process very clearly and the steps involved, and Amar and Team executed the perfect execution. Amar is a great negotiator. He went above and beyond negotiating with all stakeholders to get the best deal for us. He has developed the best strategy dynamically based on the situation on the offer day and made our dreams come true.

Amar has come up with different stages and timelines in the entire process. He flawlessly executed all the steps way before the timelines we have put upfront. Amar is involved in all the stages starting from loan pre-approval and underwriting, escrow, insurance, warranty, and closing. Sri has always been there, guiding us throughout the entire process, explaining all the aspects, and suggesting what is best for us. Amar connected to the team to get the loan approval, who promptly responded and provided the best interest rate in the market and excellent additional benefits with Amar’s influence. Amar helped to get the best insurance quotes and made us close the deal with less closing costs.

Amar and Sri are always available to guide us throughout the process and make the home buying process very smooth. I would highly recommend contacting Amar for a great home buying experience with the best deal.