Chetan Y. Karkhanis | Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing December 29, 2011, Chetan Y. was Amar’s client

Amar is the best thing that can happen to prospective homebuyers, both first-time as well as investment homebuyers alike. Right from the get go, Amar offers very candid advice on the whole home buying process. This can be especially useful to first time homebuyers as they navigate the complex maze of property ownership. He explains everything in clear and simple terms so that the homebuyers are very clear about what to expect in the coming weeks and months as they progress towards property ownership.

Amar makes it a point to visit all the listed properties along with his clients. He scrutinizes each property with a sharp eye and offers critical advice on the pros and cons of each property. His approach is very methodical. In many cases he will identify points in a property which the prospective buyers have overlooked and will also steer them away from properties that may not be potentially viable options for the homebuyers.

Once the desired property has been identified is when Amar ‘really’ swings into action. His negotiation skills are par none. Additionally he is very creative in putting options on the table which greatly benefits the buyer. His combination of negotiating skills, creativity and patience in the whole process ends up saving the homebuyers a lot (and I mean a lot) of money.

Finally, Amar has a terrific network of professionals working with him. He has some very fine loan agents, property inspectors, appraisers etc who all ‘turn on a dime’ in order to make the deal go through successfully in the shortest possible time. At the end of the process, the homebuyer (now the homeowner) feels very happy and satisfied with the property.

The best part is that Amar take a personal interest in every transaction and works on it as if it was his own. And with his surefire negotiating skills he saves everyone a lot of cash and stress. I’d recommend Amar over anyone else to represent you for all your real estate transactions. Look no further. Amar has your back!