Chandrasekharan Gopa Kumar | Software Engineer @ Google October 28, 2019, Chandrasekharan Gopa was a client of Amar

Amar & Sri represented us as buyer’s agent. We were looking to buy our first home, and we wanted someone with experience and good negotiation skills to represent us in the competitive bay area real estate market. We chose Amar based on the reviews on various forum and it turned out to be the best decision.

We had initial consultation with Amar and he suggested neighborhoods based on our needs & budget. Sri educated us various aspects of selecting a property and helped us to prioritize the aspects that matter to us most. Based initial discussion with Amar & Sri we shortlisted few properties. Sri was really helpful in this and helped us understand pros and cons on each of the property. This helped us rule out certain properties. Once we selected the property Amar was instrumental in drafting the offer and getting it accepted. The property we selected was sold by a relocation agency on behalf of seller and Amar’s expertise & previous experience in dealing with relocation agency helped to navigate this un-usual home buying scenario.

He negotiated hard for us and was able to get the offer accepted less than the list price. After the offer was accepted, Amar & his team’s work was excellent. We got the regular update regarding the various milestones and all the items were executed on time. Finally, on the auspicious day of Dhanteras we got the keys of our first house. As a first-time buyer we were very nervous but with the help of Amar & team our home buying experience was positive.

More than buyer’s agent Amar & Sri were like mentors & friends guiding us through each phase We hope to work with Amar & team again in future.