ASIF ISLAM | Software Engineer at Google September 26, 2015, Asif was a client of Amar

We’re first time home buyer, and Amar & Sri made the whole process very smooth for us. I’ve heard from my friends that they had to bid many times before wining their dream house. When we first visited the house, we were not very sure whether we’ll be able to get it as it was our first time bidding.

To our surprise, we won the bid and not only that, he made the best deal and saved us around 20K from the highest offer. With his proven strategies, negotiation skills, and high reputation, he made it possible to win the deal in less than the higher offer in multiple offers situation.

As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know a lot of the details, and were a bit nervous about buying a property in this market. He helped us making an informed decision. Amar provided guidance and collaboration throughout the entire home buying process. He was involved in all areas: appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. The whole process went very smoothly and now we’re the proud owner of a house in 3 weeks.

Amar & Sri, we’re grateful to have you as our Realtors®. Without your help, we can’t imagine buying the house in this tough market at such a great price.